(video) UIL approves cheerleading as a sport

Cheerleading is now a high school sport in Texas. The University Interscholastic League voted Wednesday in favor of a one-year pilot program for game day cheer.

3938546_G (1)Game day cheer mimics a standard cheer event, but without the high-flying tosses and complex stunts. Starting in the 2015 school year, game day cheering will be a sport governed like other middle and high school athletics and will include a state championship competition.

“I think it’s only fair that every kid get the opportunity to get to participate in something at school that they love to do, whether it’s choir or band or wrestling or baseball,” said Cheralyn Armijo, the parent of a cheerleader.

If it is successful, the league can vote to extend the program past 2015. The move to officially consider cheerleaders student-athletes may be because of a recent doctors group’s recommendations. The American Medical Association says cheerleading is the leading cause of catastrophic injuries in female athletes in high school and college, and on Monday, the association recommended that cheerleading in college and high school be recognized as sport because of the dangers and risks.