Rugby: Rugby team based in Kingwood looking for big future, playmakers

Behind Creekwood Middle School in Kingwood is a practice field; half golden brown, and half green. Each day, the summer sun beats it down with the same ferocity of those who dare to use it during the mid-year months. But for the men and women brave enough to step foot onto this field twice a week, the athletic rewards are worth the price of heat and perspiration.

This is the current practice field of the Kingwood Crusaders Rugby Football Club, the area’s newest 7-on-7s recreational team that has much higher ambitions than any rec-team before it. Established just over a month ago, the Crusaders are coached by former Kingwood High School coach Alex Ramirez, and were formed in the same way all great agreements come to pass: over a dinner and a handshake. click here for complete story