Football: The Woodlands’ Mark Schmid made the right call, opting for wind in the third quarter

The end came quickly, and it came with emphasis.

56513cbd9a1e8.imageThe Woodlands had a terrific football season in 2015, what with the Highlanders’ defense operating like 11 rock ‘em, sock ‘em robots and Eric Schmid and the offense doing just enough to keep the magic moving from one week to the next.

(Except for the Katy game, in Week Two, at Hughes Field, but that was a game for the ages, too, and the Tigers’ 14-7 victory over the Highlanders showed everyone that both teams would be reckoned with in November.)

But the moment of truth arrived for the Highlanders in the final moments of halftime, before the Austin Westlake Chaparrals pulled away for an emphatic 28-3 victory at Bryan High School’s Merrill Green Stadium. click here for complete story