‘All Means All’ scholarship starts with 14 freshmen

One year after Conroe High School teacher Sam Cable announced his plan to create a unique scholarship, the plan finally got into action.

On Monday, Cable and the Conroe ISD Education Foundation presented the first 14 All Means All scholars.

“Years ago, I would go to these award nights when people would get their scholarships and people would get scholarships for work they’d done over a long period of time and they deserved it,” Cable said. “But I look around and some of the seniors would say, ‘Boy, I wish I’d known about that when I was a freshman — I would’ve worked a little harder.’ I thought, what if we gave a scholarship to those that work hard, like yourselves, as you go along so when you graduate as a senior, you’ll have $2,000 that you can put toward your college tuition and give you a leg up on life.” click here for complete story