Theatre: The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 presented by The Woodlands HS Theatre Dept.

img-3733_1At The Woodlands High School, a murder mystery is on the line, and the Cast & Crew of “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940” need your help to solve it. Through wacky, whimsical and shocking series of deaths, we will once and for all find out who the culprit is.

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 is a zany, slapstick, comedy that follows the fictional story of a creative team responsible for a recent broadway flop, where three chorus girls were killed by a mysterious Stage Door Slasher. Unfortunately for all them, they get holed up in a mysterious house during a blizzard with the Slasher. Will they be able to finish writing their new musical before the night is over? Or will they fall victim to the Slasher?

Come see “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940” by the TWHS Theater Department on September 29th, 30th and October 1st at 7pm, with a 2pm matinee on October 1st, and help the detectives solve this mystery before it is too late! Get in the mysterious spirit for Halloween, by seeing “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940”!

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